Who we are

Visionaries from the depth of cyberspace; we are a group of eager tech heads who refuse to walk away from opportunities that look to launch your brand to infinity, and beyond. We are the gravity that keeps your brand in orbit, across the moon and stars.

What we do

We use new and innovative rocket fuels that thrust your business to the ends of the Universe, and we deploy state-of-the-art defence and guidance systems that help it avoid obstacles, so your business reaches the right kind of BOOM!.
Digital Advertising

We design and run effective campaigns on social media, be it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any of the many other platforms. We also place advertisement on various websites, using Google AdWords.

Web Design

Our team aims to develop customer specific websites that are secure, stable and stunning, which are tailored to cater to the diverse needs of each individual business, while also fulfilling the functional requirements of the client.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Apps that compliment a business’s online presence have almost become a necessity. We at Launchpad Interactive provide Mobile application solutions that are safe, secure and are in line with the brand identity of the business.

Search Engine and Social Media Optimization

Search engine optimization helps the right people find your business, faster. Be it via social media or other search engines. We provide solutions that best suit the nature of your business.

Social Media Metric analysis and benchmarking

Specific monitoring tools are used to analyse the overall progress of your business’s presence on various social media. This data is used to address the strengths and the weaknesses of the existing campaign strategy.

Conferences & Seminars

No matter the size of the event, our team provides clients with complete digital coverage solutions, and looks to expand its outreach across various social media.


We help our clients create meaningful experiences that tell their story – by marrying their dreams with our skills.
Here is some of our work.


With the set of tools at our disposal, Launchpad is the team you need to launch off into space. So suit up and let’s go on an expedition.

The rockets are ready,
Are you?

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